Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apple/Allstate Did Not Make My Day

I used to tell people, get AppleCare. Now I've found out when AppleCare is no help. I walked into my college office, and saw a pile of books sitting on my MacBook Pro's display. A bookshelf support gave way, and the books came tumbling down. AppleCare doesn't cover that, but they gleefully told me they could fix it for $1360.

The college where I work can't help pay for the damage. They have a deductible that far exceeds the amount I'm stuck with.

For a while Allstate (my homeowner's) held out hope that I'd get some reimbursement because the damage involved "a falling object." But they just called to say that since the object (falling books) did not fall out of the sky, I'm not covered.

The total was $1228.38. The one bright spot is that Leading Electronics did a first class job fixing my computer.