Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apple/Allstate Did Not Make My Day

I used to tell people, get AppleCare. Now I've found out when AppleCare is no help. I walked into my college office, and saw a pile of books sitting on my MacBook Pro's display. A bookshelf support gave way, and the books came tumbling down. AppleCare doesn't cover that, but they gleefully told me they could fix it for $1360.

The college where I work can't help pay for the damage. They have a deductible that far exceeds the amount I'm stuck with.

For a while Allstate (my homeowner's) held out hope that I'd get some reimbursement because the damage involved "a falling object." But they just called to say that since the object (falling books) did not fall out of the sky, I'm not covered.

The total was $1228.38. The one bright spot is that Leading Electronics did a first class job fixing my computer.


Bonnie Sashin said...

That really stinks! So sorry to hear about this accident.

Geoff Knauth said...

Back when I was a making a software engineer's salary, I would have just said, "Oh well." Now I'm teaching, and I make less than I did a quarter century ago, so it does hurt. But in the end, "Oh well."

Andy said...

The other time AppleCare doesn't work is when you don't buy it! The hard drive in my spiffy 24" iMac died one day after my one-year window to buy AppleCare. I'm partly to blame for ignoring both the warning signs of hard drive failure and Apple's reminder when I had a month left to buy AppleCare. Still, the timing couldn't have been worse.

The cost in the end wasn't that much more than if I'd bought AppleCare and had the repair done for free -- certainly not as bad as what you're stuck with -- but it would still have been nice money to have. I just hope I don't need any more repairs any time soon.

Joanna said...

I guess I think the university is liable since it is their bookshelf, and I don't get why their deductable is your problem. They should just pony up. Why don't you take them to small claims court?

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