Friday, March 22, 2013

Apple bookmark hell (resolved)

See the previous post in time sequence for background information.


  • Keep bookmarks on Xmarks server correct at all times; Xmarks offers more control.
  • On Mac Chrome/Firefox, UPLOAD good bookmarks to Xmarks server.
    • Guard this TREASURE.


  • Bookmarks on iPhone/iPad were all messed up, because iCloud bookmarks were all messed up.
    • Bookmarks on desktop Chrome / Firefox / Safari were all good, thanks to Xmarks.
  • There seemed to be no way to delete the messed up bookmarks on iCloud.


  1. On iPhone/iPad, turn OFF iCloud/Safari syncing and DELETE local (messed up) bookmarks.
  2. On Mac System Preferences, turn OFF iCloud/Safari syncing.
  4. On Mac Safari, use Xmarks for Safari to DOWNLOAD good bookmarks from Xmarks server.
  5. On Mac System Preferences, turn ON iCloud/Safari syncing.
  6. Good ["fresh-looking" imported from Xmarks] Mac Safari bookmarks should propagate to iCloud.
  7. If you see on Mac Safari messed up bookmarks:
    • Delete Safari bookmarks, go back to 2nd step and retry.
    • You aren't winning until the Mac Safari bookmarks stay OK after iCloud is re-enabled.
  8. Then on iPhone/iPad, turn ON iCloud/Safari syncing.
  9. If iPhone/iPad bookmarks are still messed up:
    • Go back to 1st step and retry.
    • You haven't won until the iPhone/iPad Safari bookmarks stay OK after iCloud is re-enabled.

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