Monday, March 18, 2013

Apple bookmark hell

My Chrome bookmarks are perfect, and synced to an Xmarks server. I have Xmarks for Safari and Xmarks for Firefox, and so my bookmarks are also perfect on Safari and Firefox. Enter iCloud. There seems to be no way to get bookmarks from a Mac to iPhone/iPad without going through iCloud. The problem is that iCloud's bookmarks are a train wreck, duplicates everywhere, everything out of order. I can't delete the iCloud bookmarks, I can only "merge" with them. Well, I don't want to merge perfectly good bookmarks with a pile of crap. I want to delete the iCloud bookmarks and have them replaced with what's on Safari, Apple's own browser. I can't believe there's no way to do that. I've been through the Apple Community pages and various blogs, and there are some people who write recipes with 23 steps, turning computers and devices off and on a half dozen times. Really? Apple is usually so good, but my God, I can't believe it's so bad at this. Does anyone happen to have a magic incantation?

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Geoff Knauth said...

I think I came up with a fix. See the next post in time sequence.